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Solar Generator
Growatt solar generators deliver infinite green energy to power your devices, from off-grid adventures to home backup power during power outages - all while requiring no additional fuel as the gas generator.
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Renewable Charging
Excellent Portable Battery
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What is A Solar Generator?
In general, a solar generator technically refers to any energy system being powered by the sun. Growatt solar generator bundles typically include portable power stations with high-efficient solar panels. Such solar generator kit is an ideal portable and sustainable power solution to give you clean solar energy, lower your carbon footprint, and reduce your reliance on the grid.
How Does A Solar Generator Work?
A solar generator works by collecting energy from the sun via solar panels, storing the energy in its built-in battery (lithium battery), and converting the energy into AC power through an inverter before being used in household appliances and other electronic devices.
Growatt solar generator INFINITY 1500
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Growatt 100W Portable Solar Panel with solar power generator INFINITY 1500

Solar Generator VS. Other Generator

Solar generators are ideal for both short-term and long-term power shortages. Traditional generators, on the contrary, do not last long unless they are constantly refueled.

Other Generator
✔ Eco-friendly
✔ Quiet
✔ No Toxic Fumes
Emit Toxic Fumes
✔ Plug-n-Play
High Maintenance Fee
✔ Maintenance-free
✔ No Fuel
Fuel Dependent
✔ Fuel Dependent
✔ Indoor Friendly
Can't Used Indoors
Is it worth to buy a solar generator?

Yes, the solar-powered generator is portable and simple to use, which requires zero maintenance and no extra fuel costs. It's a backup power for home power outages and also works well for most outdoor activities.

What size solar generator should I get?

Size here usually refers to capacity. Firstly, decide how many devices you want to power and how much total power you need. Secondly, you must consider how long you want to supply these devices and how much power you require each day before deciding which solar power generator to purchase.

Are solar generators safe?

Yes, safety is always our top priority. Our portable solar power station's built-in battery management system regulates key battery parameters to keep the batteries safe, secure, and built to last. It belongs to clean green energy, whether it is charging or using, it will not produce harmful gases like fuel generators.

Can a solar generator power a house?

Yes, but it must be based on the number of appliances in your home as well as the output power and capacity of the solar portable generator.

How long will a solar powered generator power a refrigerator?

It depends on the wattage of your refrigerator. The Growatt 1512-watt-hour solar power generator can power a 150W refrigerator for around 8.5 hours.